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Understanding the Best Foods for Feeding Your Bunny

If you are parenting a bunny for the first time, you may not be aware of the best Rabbit food to give it. You should understand that the rabbits can eat more than carrots and lettuce. It is crucial for them to have a balanced diet for them to be healthy and robust. Their digestive tracts are sensitive, and you need to be careful when you are making a transition to new bunny food .

One meal that these rabbits can take is hay. Hay is the staple food for rabbits. At the bottom of the food pyramids for rabbit is the long-stemmed fiber. This fiber is usually in hay form and will make up about 80 percent of the diet. Rabbits, which are grazing animals, should be supplied with unlimited fresh hay daily. Some of the proper kinds of grass for fodder include the oat hay, Timothy, and orchard grass. You can choose to feed them one type, or you can mix various kinds of grass hays.

Vegetables are known to be a rabbit's favorite food. Most of the greens you can find in the supermarket can be safe for feeding your bunny. However, there are few exceptions like cabbage and cauliflower. You should not feed the bunny more than two cups of fresh vegetables each day. If your rabbit is below five pounds or is a dwarf, you will only need to feed them one cup of these vegetables. Mixing two or three kinds of vegetables will be perfect.

Pellets should also be fed to the bunnies but in low quantities. If you have an adult rabbit of average size, then you will require only a quarter cup of pellets every day. If their weight is below five pounds, then you can feed them about an eighth cup of these pellets. If your bunny is below one-year-old, you can feed them the alfalfa pellets. If you are feeding them these pellets, then you should give them grass hay.

Fruits also need to be fed to the animal either once or two times a week. The appropriate serving for the rabbit should be one or two tablespoons per five pounds of their weight. You can feed them one type of fruit, or you can mix various kinds. Just as you would do with vegetables, you need to introduce the fruits to the diet slowly. It will be best to offer them one at a time.

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